in honor of the sunshine outside and the lovely hug-everything feelings that are welling up inside me because of it, i just wanted to say a few things about giving. this world has, in many ways, completely lost track of the commonality of each human being. we are all connected. we all live on this earth, and though our experiences, beliefs, and interests are all different, we are all the same creature! and even though we are spread all across the globe, we are still one tribe. and this tribe of humans - this herd, if you will, has lost sight of the importance of looking out for one another, and that deeply saddens me.

the earthquake in haiti did not happen to me. i have no societal obligation to care about it. it doesn't change the way i wake up, eat breakfast, and go to work. but what about my human obligation? i truly believe that the human collective shares a connectedness that is deeper than things like skin or social standing.

why not care? why not try to make things even a tiny little bit better for someone else you have never met? why not shop locally, buy fair-trade hot chocolate, and donate to a cause that will help the victims of that horrible earthquake, even in a small way? because, seriously. is it really going to inconvenience you that much? are you really going to shatter your cushion-y, priveleged american life by giving a little bit?

the answer is no. so do something! on this gorgeous, sunshine-filled day, when you are outside relaxing and enjoying the brief reprieve of our terrible oregon winter, please! think of sending some of that sunshine to someone else. make a bid on our charity auction! (see Help Haiti Auction link at top of page.) Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Even just go out and ride your bike instead of driving and save some resources. Donate your old clothes instead of throwing them away. And remember that we are all from this earth and we all deserve the same happiness.