"there are [still] bigger problems" {Corvallis}

This graffiti has made an appearance on a couple of my senior sessions for the studio, in downtown Corvallis. Sometimes I just need to say it over and over. I've got questions like:

How do I get by in this world, and try to be kind to others and to myself? How can I grow as an artist and navigate this jungle that is the photography business? How can I be realistic as I continue my artistic education through practice and learning from others who are more knowledgeable? Will I EVER be good, instead of passable?!

But there are bigger problems. And I need to keep saying that. Because all of this? It's just the beginning. And I don't have to be perfect now or ever. But I do need to remember that complaining and wishing won't get me anywhere. Only continuing to work, and learn, and grow, will.

So whoever made this, thanks. Because I know I'm not the only one to have seen it, but I certainly did benefit from it.