march {occupy portland}

i marched with the occupy portland movement on 10.9.11. we started on the east side of the broadway bridge with a decent size group, and we grew and grew as we marched on naito to the camp in chapman square. the experience made me so proud of this city. i love that this protest is being expressed peaceably and the cooperation of the city, our mayor, and the police department shows me that they too believe in our rights. with arrests being made in other cities and the original occupy wall street facing a possible eviction from zuccotti park, it is so important for all of us, the 99% to stand by this movement in any way we can, even if you're like me and can't physically occupy full time. please visit Occupy Portland and donate, volunteer, come to a march, and learn more! there's criticism for all of the disagreement within the general assemblies, and from the media saying "they don't know what they want." that doesn't surprise me. where are we taught the process of consensus? for so many of us this is a completely foreign idea. majority rules IS easier, but it's NOT more fair. we can't expect everything to happen immediately. i for one am proud of ANY attempt to try to have a dialogue and to let everyone be heard, even if it isn't always what we want to hear. and even if nothing gets decided as quickly as we think it should.

i'm off my soapbox - here are the photographs i took during the march. :)

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