heather + jamie // engaged {mt hood engagement photography}

i spent a wonderful snowy afternoon in February with Heather and Jamie for their engagement session! we had a great time - they were such troopers (it was obviously cooooold), and we all managed not to fall over too much tromping in the snow. can't wait for their wedding this fall at Zenith Vineyard - it's so fun to have such a contrast between the snowy engagement session and the lush greenery of a vineyard wedding. 

carly + mischa // married | cooper spur mountain resort {oregon wedding photography}

Carly and Mischa's wedding was like a burst of sunshine in every way. The bright primary colors of the bridal party, details and florals added such exuberance to the gorgeous rustic wooden scenery of Cooper Spur. Everywhere I looked, sun, trees, lavender, and the majesty of Mt Hood, and the beaming faces of everyone present. A kazoo rendition of "Lean on Me", a fun "how well do you know them" game, and oh my gosh the toasts. I'll never forget the beautiful, heartfelt, and hilarious stories that were told and I'm sure no one else will either. 

what a celebration. i'm so thankful i got to be there to document this wonderful day, and so very happy for Mischa and Carly and their loved ones!!

lindsey + sean // married | cooper spur mountain resort {oregon wedding photography}

Lindsey and Sean live in Alaska so we met for the first time at their engagement session a few days before their wedding in June. this is pretty much my favorite type of shoot, a walk in the forest with two people in love. and the wedding! the loveliest heartfelt wedding - wildflowers, sunshine, and Mt Hood. it was a joy to be present for this one!

zach + shaina // married | silcox hut {oregon wedding photography}

Zach and Shaina were married in February - a beautiful, intimate ceremony at the cozy Silcox Hut at Timberline on Mt Hood. They've been together since high school and have been on countless adventures together - it seemed fitting to me that they celebrated their wedding at such an epic location. We took a snowcat to get there (first time i had ever been on one of those! super fun and kind of nervewracking, especially on the way back down in the dark) - the hut is above the main lodge at 7000 feet so it really felt like a whole other world. Especially with all the crazy snow! It was so intense we couldn't shoot outside much but we did manage a couple portraits - Zach and Shaina were very good sports!

Twinkly lights, candles, hanging baubles, white flowers and gold sequin tablecloths made an elegant setting for the family-style dinner at the reception. These two are such a stylish couple - Shaina wore a gorgeous beaded gown with fur stole and Zach's blue suit and pocket watch were very dapper. The blue fabric on her bouquet was the same material that Zach had used to make them bracelets in high school. 

i am ridiculously thankful that the amazing Jay Eads was willing to be my 2nd shooter/backup for this wedding. i was 38 weeks pregnant at the time and couldn't have done this without him! some of his photos are mixed in below - see if you can spot the one of prego-photog-me! ;) 

a million congratulations to Zach and Shaina and their families - thanks for such a special weekend.

enjoy xx


jenn + damian // engaged | trillium lake {portland engagement photography}

this session was a wonderful adventure! we drove together to trillium lake, only to discover that the road from the parking lot to the lake was closed for the off-season. so we walked about 2 miles to get there, but it was oh so worth it. i'm always grateful to shoot in an epic location like this one!

so happy for these two!!