Pam & David {Oregon Wedding Photography}

Pam and David were married at their home in Silverton, Oregon. Their ceremony was non-traditional in many ways, as this is the second marriage for each of them. Instead of the usual bridesmaids and groomsmen, their grown children stood with them at the altar. It was so beautiful to see them surrounded by love from their joined families.

Their house is just gorgeous, and is surrounded by beautiful flowers and greenery - as well as a vineyard on the property (sadly there wasn't time to go there for portraits, but we found fun spots anyway!).

Pam looked so beautiful!

David has owned the property since the 1970's, and there are all sorts of cool antique objects around the barn that they used for the reception.

As favors, Pam & David gave their guests jars of homemade jam, with the most adorable labels and decorated lids.

All of their family was so funny and easygoing - I had a great time with their portraits!

It was such a lovely ceremony!

The rain held off until exactly the end of the ceremony - that's Pam's daughter Carolyn trying to shield her mother's head from the raindrops - but it wouldn't be a true Oregon wedding without a bit of rain. :)

The guests hurried to the barn for the reception. The barn was decorated beautifully with twinkling lights, flowers, and family photographs.

Congratulations, Pam & David!