jeni + patrick // engaged {portland engagement photography}

i'm not going to lie, i love rainy days. I love rainy-day light, especially. and I'm so glad Jeni and Patrick were up for a rainy-day engagement session! so happy to finally share these - and their wedding is up next! 

sondra + casey // engaged {portland engagement photography}

"...till morning comes let's tesselate..."

Sondra and Casey have one of the best "how-we-met" stories i've ever heard - they were originally connected through and exchanged messages and phone numbers. before they had texted or called, they both separately went to the Alt-J concert at the Crystal Ballroom. Walking through the crowd, Sondra heard her name called - when she turned around there was Casey! they say, "We both felt like we won the lottery. And still do."

they are warm, authentic, and passionate people and i'm so so excited to be shooting their wedding this fall - at the Crystal Ballroom where they first met. 

carlie + dan // engaged {portland engagement photography}

a little snow left on the ground, a walk through the trees, two cool kids in the winter light... thank you Carlie and Dan for a beautiful afternoon! can't wait for your wedding this summer :)