jeni + patrick // engaged {portland engagement photography}

i'm not going to lie, i love rainy days. I love rainy-day light, especially. and I'm so glad Jeni and Patrick were up for a rainy-day engagement session! so happy to finally share these - and their wedding is up next! 

sylvie | st johns {portland family photography}

i spent a lovely morning with this little family earlier this year. as soon as i walked up to the door and saw the quote from beatrix potter i knew i was going to like them.

sylvie was 3 1/2 at the time and if you've ever been around a kid that age you know how full of wonder and spunk they are, it's a magical time in childhood. she very graciously served her mama and I at a tea party, listened to a sweet story, wrestled with her papa, and led us on an exploration of the garden, the nearby field and a favorite tree. 

they were getting ready to move away, so it was a privilege to be able to document a tiny snippet of their lives at sylvie's first home. i'm always up for a session like this - i play the observer, and we just let everyone be themselves and see where the day takes us. now that i'm a parent i believe in this more than ever - these "day-in-the-life" moments are the ones you want to hold onto.