reichmuth family // at home {portland family photography}

this little family is special to me - i had the honor of photographing Lucy's birth last February! i have yet to share those beautiful photos (though you can see a little sneak peek of one of them below - look out for the sweet rainbow-stamped foot!) but hope to get around to putting together my birth photography portfolio soon. i was thrilled to be asked to shoot a lifestyle session for their lovely family 9 months after Lucy's birth, it is always a joy to see the Reichmuths! especially on such a glorious sunshiney fall day.

PS - Brittany is an amazing photographer herself - check her out here!  

chow family {portland family photography}

a few weeks before their vow renewal, i met Kittie, Brian, and Hazel at Council Crest, the spot where Brian proposed. we had had to reschedule the original session due to rain so it wasn't the whole family (Hazel's big brother Noah was out of town), but we got some sweet photos of the three of them that i wanted to share. Kittie and i originally met through a babywearing group and i was thrilled that we got some action shots with Hazel in one of her beautiful woven wraps. 

my blog post of their vow renewal is coming up tomorrow! <3 

iver | esther short park {vancouver lifestyle family photography}

i had a lovely time with Iver and his wonderful mamas in august, following them around on a typical sunday morning. they played at the park, we wandered the farmer's market picking out produce, and ended with a sweet treat back at the park. it's silly how long it's taken me to blog this! a little bit of summer on these cold days, enjoy! 

sylvie | st johns {portland family photography}

i spent a lovely morning with this little family earlier this year. as soon as i walked up to the door and saw the quote from beatrix potter i knew i was going to like them.

sylvie was 3 1/2 at the time and if you've ever been around a kid that age you know how full of wonder and spunk they are, it's a magical time in childhood. she very graciously served her mama and I at a tea party, listened to a sweet story, wrestled with her papa, and led us on an exploration of the garden, the nearby field and a favorite tree. 

they were getting ready to move away, so it was a privilege to be able to document a tiny snippet of their lives at sylvie's first home. i'm always up for a session like this - i play the observer, and we just let everyone be themselves and see where the day takes us. now that i'm a parent i believe in this more than ever - these "day-in-the-life" moments are the ones you want to hold onto.